pROGRAM 2022

This year there will be a physical OWee again with fantastic events! Look below for more information about the different programme items.

The digital program 2022

This year the OWee starts on August 17th with a digital program. This day will mark the start of your student days and we have collected inspiring speakers to kick off your time in Delft, so don't miss out!

Central opening

During this opening you will be welcomed by inspiring people, including the Vice-Rector Magnificus, the mayor and the chairman of the OWee board!


Here you can see students live during a fun talk show in which all aspects of student life will be discussed!


Board members of all student associations compete against each other during this exciting debate!

physical program

The physical part of the OWee will take place between Sunday August 21th and Friday August 25th this year. During this period, everything Delft has to offer will be shown to you in 5 days!


Schie dinner

On Sunday a BBQ will be organized along the Schie where you can get to know your group better ánd get a view of the associations at the Parade.

associations parade

During the Schiediner a parade will pass with every association  partying, showing who they are. This way you can get a feel of all of the associations that are out there!

STUD Openings


After the Schiediner, continue to the smashing Opening Party and end your first day in a fantastic way!




Basecamp will be the place during the OWee where you can meet up with your group, chill and enjoy the atmosphere. Here you can eat, listen to music, have a drink and participate in various activities. 

Discover Delft

Discover Delft with your OWee group with different activities to explore the fun and characteristic spots of Delft!

ogd canal cruise

Enjoy a scenic and relaxing tour through the canals of Delft! Register in the App

Information market

All associations and organizations in Delft show themselves to you at the information market, you can ask questions as well!


End the first day with an epic techno party in the Aula.


Association visits

Discover the many associations Delft has to offer and take a look inside their building, the main meeting spot for association members! 

College tour

Ask questions to a celebrity during the College Tour. What was his student time like? What advice would he have given himself when he was a student?

crazy 49

Tackle a list of 49 fun challenges with your fellow students! Can you complete them all?

open air cinema

Enjoy a unique experience, the open air cinema on the main square of the historic Delft.


Activity Market

 Here you can discover what activities Delft has to offer during your time as a student! This includes sports, culture, arts, lifestyle, international student associations and much more. 

Backstage Campus Tour

Here, you will be introduced to hidden spots on the TU Delft campus that you normally would not have access to. You definitely don't want to miss this!


Finish the OWee with your mentor group during the spectacular Cantus-Sing-a-long. Sing along all together!

Taste Delft

Discover Delft and get a taste of all the different bars, cafes and restaurants that Delft has to offer during the food tour!


Absolute Value festival

Finish your OWee with a fun but also informative festival and visit all the stalls to become an independent student!