OWee Board 2023


Berend de Vries
M: voorzitter@owee.nl
T: +31(0)15 27 85820
M: +31641230098

Vice president & Head of Communications

Feline Kaaij
M: communicatie@owee.nl
T: +31(0)152785004
M: +31681061325

Secretary & Head of participants

Alex Hamel
M: secretaris@owee.nl
T: +31(0)152786709
M: +31681926215


Janne Nelisse
M: penningmeester@owee.nl
T: +31(0)152785861
M: +31681061327

head of acquisition

Bart Eerbeek
M: acquisitie@owee.nl
T: +31(0)152785854

M: +31681926214

external affairs

Coosje Covers
M: extern@owee.nl
T: +31(0)152789480

M: +31641230104

Logistics I

Salomé Tiemersma
M: logistiek@owee.nl
T: +31(0)152788385 

M: +31641230096

Logistics II

Kathalijne van Rooij
M: logistiek-2@owee.nl
T: +31(0)152782717 

M: +31641230106 

owee committees

Three committees support the board in various ways to help create the best possible OWee for all future students coming to Delft! Read more about the different committees below.

communication managers

The Communication Managers created both this beautiful website and the OWee app. They also handle all of the contact with the parents, neighbours and future students!

media team

Everything social media and photography is done by the Media Team.  They realise all kinds of creative projects like interviews and the aftermovie!


The Eventmanagers help with all of the logistics during the OWee. They spend the day running across town helping wherever needed!