release day dipo: 

june 3th

2 pm local time

Digital International Pre-Owee

The Digital International Pre-OWee will take place on June 3th. 

 This event is specifically for all international students coming to Delft. During this livestream we will explain to you what the OWee is, why it is important to follow the OWee this summer, what you can expect during the OWee and what you need to take care of before you come to Delft to have the best possible start to your study time here. If you have any questions we will be answering them during the live stream. 
Do not worry if you are not able to attend the livestream, afterwards the video will be available on our Youtube channel as a regular video!

Scroll down to check out all the websites mentioned in during the video. 

Why participate?


Are you very curious about what it will be like to study in Delft next year? Are you nervous because you have no idea what to expect? Then come to the Digital International Pre OWee! The official date will be announched soon. 

You can still watch the Digital International Pre OWee of 2023, so click on the link below to watch it!

Interational associations

In Delft, associations play a big role in the social life of the students. On this page the international associations will introduce themselves.

Websites mentioned in the DIPO 2023

VISA application

Student housing


Health Insurance & Medical Care 

Registration with the municipality


Student Ambassadors

Student well-being