BEst Delft


BEST Delft is a student organization that provides services such as complimentary education, educational involvement, and career support in order to develop the student body of TU Delft and support the university and companies that students interact with. We are the local branch of BEST International, a network in Europe of over 80 local groups. BEST Delft's mission is to empower diversity through students' development. Our group has been offering high-quality services since its establishment in 2009. This has been done through events such as engineering competitions, academic exchanges, forums on education in collaboration with TU Delft, and company events. Behind all these events there have always been groups of highly diverse students working hard to provide excellent quality to all the stakeholders of BEST Delft. Especially since Covid, BEST Delft has had the reputation of providing a ‘family away from home’ to its volunteers.