Every year we try to organize the OWee as sustainably as possible. Read more about the initiatives already taken here below!


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Since 2022, all events organized by the OWee have used hard plastic cups that we can reuse every year from now on.


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At the beginning of the OWee all participants receive a bag. The content of the bag changes every year but each time we try to make sure that the content consists mainly of products that the students really need and thus will use. Since 2022 we have stopped giving t-shirts to the participants because they are often not used after the OWee.


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From on 2023, all meals included in the ticket for the OWee will be 100% vegetarian. Large packages of food items are used whenever possible. Furthermore, each year the OWee collaborates with the food bank so that leftover food does not go to waste.


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This year, we are sending out the first BINAS editon that is 100% made from recycled material

Stickers & Flyers

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Last year was the final year in which distributing stickers during the information market was allowed. Starting from this year, it will no longer be possible. Moreover, the commo distribution of flyers will no longer be possible. Associations are only allowed to keep flyers on hand and give them away when interested participants specifically request them.