Studying in delft

Studying in a new city is, of course, quite exciting. On this page you will find questions from fellow students about studying in a new city!

Is it advisable to look for a house in Delft in or before the summer?

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At large associations, many rooms often become available in September. So if you are planning to enroll in a large association, you may choose to wait a while before looking for a house. If you are not planning to do this and your parents live far from Delft, it is smart to look for a room before or during the summer. There are also tips about this in the BINAS and on the OWee platform.

What if I don't know anyone who is going to study in delft?

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Then it is perfect for you to join the OWee and make new friends. In fact, you will be assigned to a group of 10 fellow students with 2 mentors who can tell you all about the study, city and student life.

What is it like to study in Delft?

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We can write a lot here about student life but the best way to find out what it is like is to experience it yourself. Do sign up for the OWee, see what Delft has to offer and ask as many questions as you can to your mentors. They have studied here longer and can answer all your questions about student life.

What is the difference between the owee and the ejw?

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EJW stands for Freshmen weekend. This weekend takes place on August 10,11,12 and 13 (this varies per faculty) and is organized by the study association of the faculty where you will study. During your EJW, you will get to know the upcoming first-year students and the study association of your faculty. The OWee on the other hand is for all (new) students of TU Delft, InHolland and the Haagse Hoge School together, so all mixed! Here you get to know the whole campus and also the city.