Residential information

The Introduction Week (OWee) of the new students will take place in Delft from 18 to 22 August. During this week, the OWee board is organizing various events on the TU Delft Campus and in the city. The events will probably not pass you by unnoticed. Of course we do everything we can to ensure that the OWee runs smoothly. Nevertheless, the activities can still cause temporary (noise) nuisance. If you experience any inconvenience, we ask you to report this. See below how to do that. You are of course very welcome to participate in various activities. 

What does the OWee Board do?

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In the preparations for the OWee the board has a lot of contact with the municipality of Delft. There is a weekly meeting in which several action points have emerged. For example, this year there is a central reporting point for nuisance and there is more communication with the inhabitants of Delft.

Letters are sent to all homes around OWee events, stating what is going to take place, when the construction and dismantling is and who they can contact in case of nuisance. In addition to these letters, the OWee has held an information evening to which the interest groups of Delft have been invited. 

During the OWee a safety meeting takes place every morning. Student associations, the municipality, enforcement, police, TU Delft and the OWee board are present. During this meeting all received reports are discussed and together they look at a plan of action to further prevent these kinds of incidents.

The OWee starts on August 12 with a Digital Day. Here a talk show will take place where, among others, a resident of Delft will be present. The OWee Board has done this to show the participant that they will not only live in a city with students, but also with other residents. 

Events for residents

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As a resident of Delft you can also enjoy the OWee! There are several events that are free for all residents of Delft, such as:

At this event, various associations and companies will show what they have to offer. For you as a resident it can be fun to visit this event to find out which associations Delft has and to see what all associations do!

Open-air cinema
During this event, a large film screen will be placed on the Markt, where a nice family film will be shown. You can take a seat on one of the many chairs on the Markt, or on a terrace!

Eigen Frequentie day
This day is all about preparing the participants for their life as an independent student. Topics such as well-being, sustainability and social cohesion are central on this day. Here you are welcome to enjoy the music, atmosphere and food trucks during this relaxed event!

The OWaterlymics
This event encourages students and residents to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. There will be music, an assault course, other sports activities and (non-alcoholic) drinks.


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Together with the municipality and TU Delft, we try to make the OWee fun for all residents of Delft. For residents and students. Are you experiencing nuisance? It is important for us, the municipality and TU Delft to be able to respond properly to this. Therefore, always report nuisance. You can do this via Is there serious nuisance? Then call the police at the moment on 0900-8844. The police can then enforce. During the OWee and the two introductory weeks of the student associations after that, there is daily consultation between the parties involved to ensure that everything runs smoothly.