What is the OWee?

The OWee is a multi-day event for all prospective first-year students of the 
TU Delft, Hogeschool Inholland and Haagse Hogeschool.

OWee stands for Reception Week, because you will receive a warm welcome during this period! Via the buttons below you will find why you should participate or your parents can find out more about the OWee.

Meet fellow students

You will experience your OWee together with a group of fellow students, who are doing the same study as you. It is great fun and useful to get to know some new people before your study starts!

Discover the campus

During the OWee there are also activities that will allow you to get to know the campus in advance. Supper useful! Then on the first day you immediately know where to find everything.

get to know student life

You move from high school to the next gear, this means more than just different education. During the OWee you take the first steps towards your student life!

Have a good time

Something that should also be emphasized is the enormously fun time that you will have. Apart from all the new things and people you get to know, the OWee is also a lot of fun!

Explore associations

Are you currently practicing a sport and do you want to do that in Delft? Or maybe you would like to join a student association? The OWee is the time to find out what you want to do next to your studies!