Participating in the owee

It is very important to feel at home in the city where you will study. During the OWee you will experience and see everything Delft has to offer. This helps you to settle and bring a good start to your time as a student!

Feel at home

It is quite a big step to leave your parents' house. During the OWee we help you find your way in Delft and to feel at home in this entirely new environment!

Find your place

During the OWee you can discover what association or hobby's fit for you. Discover new hobby's or find the place to practice your old ones!

Make new friends

Studying is most fun when you're not on your own! During the OWee you will meet other students who might become your new friends! 


This is the chance to get to know your new faculty and study friends. During the OWee you will visit our campus and discover what it is like to study in Delft!


All associations open their doors for you during the OWee, so you can take a look and discover what best fits your interests. All social, sports, culture, and international  associations show themselves!

The city delft

You will get to know Delft during events such as the 'City-quest'.  Next to the events, the OWee shows you all the fun and cosy places where you will most likely spend a lot of time during your stay in Delft.


During the OWee many fun events and parties are organised, which you don't want to miss! Go on tour with your group during the Backstage Campus Tour, discover technical student initiatives during the Science Park and get to know your fellow students!